Inbound Marketing Certification


What is Inbound?

The essence of Inbound Marketing is helping companies to present themselves and their content in a way that is discoverable, relatable, and engaging. When a potential consumer discovers a need that needs to be filled, whether that be a leaky pipe, needing a new hair dresser, or a bakery for a wedding cake, inbound marketing makes sure that a business is perfectly positioned to be noticed.

A Course of Action

The Grady College is pairing with the experts at HW Creative Marketing and HubSpot to bring Grady students a comprehensive and exclusive course in inbound marketing. The Inbound Marketing Certification offers the perfect way to immerse yourself in the ever expanding world of digital marketing. During this 11-week course, you will experience the intricacies of the inbound marketing methodology including content marketing, search engine optimization, social and digital media, and the processes that interlock each of them. The certification course will be held in the Journalism Building and begin Monday, September 18, meeting every Monday from 4:30 – 5:30pm in the Journalism Bldg 401 (NMI Lab). Class will conclude on Dec 4.


Over the past 10 years, a new wave of non-invasive marketing practices has been sweeping up excited young professionals and converting the seasoned experts. That’s why the Grady College is now investing in teaching students about inbound marketing principles. The face of digital and content marketing is in the process of a massive makeover. Now is the time to invest.

Application Deadline – 9/14/17

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Reinventing an Outdated System

Most consumers have grown tired of traditional marketing avenues. There is a growing disconnect between agencies, their clients, and their client’s consumers. This has led to a mass mistrust of modern marketing practices. No one wants to have random products, information, and companies forced into their line of site. Inbound marketers know this and use it to their advantage when putting together marketing plans for their clients.

The Perfect Inbound Student

We are looking for students who want to invest themselves in a style of marketing that is focused on providing consumers with perfect solutions to their needs and providing businesses with those perfect consumers.

Students enrolling in the course should be forward thinking and innovative students who want to market with a purpose. Join a demographic of marketers who are committing themselves and their work deliver solutions, rather than sell a product.

The Inbound Marketing Certification course is designed specifically to give Grady students an upper hand when entering the professional world.

Application Deadline – 9/14/17